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Journey History Trophy

History is one of 14 trophies that the player can earn in the game, Journey. It is a bronze trophy, and is worth 10 points.

Obtaining Trophy

This trophy can be earned by finding all 10 of the Ancient Glyphs, which are the mosaic-like pictures that can be uncovered on certain pieces of wall.

"Uncover all 10 ancient glyphs"

Glyph Locations

The Beginning

1. East section of the zone, just before the hub area.

The Bridge

2. Back right cliff, hidden underneath a sand waterfall (to the right of the glowing Symbol found on top of the sand waterfall).

The Desert

3. Head south from the small tower. Found in Western area.
4. In the middle-eastern side of the desert.

The Descent

5. After the first downhill, back section up some rocks.
6. At the very end of the level, left of the meditation circle.

The Tunnels

7. Entrance to the room patrolled by serpents, left side.

The Temple

8. In the side room (the hidden room to the right of the Temple). A Glowing Symbol can also be found in this room (check the tapestries to the left).

The Mountain

9. Just before broken bridge, top of scantuary room.
10. After entering the huge snowfield, hug left wall to find cave.