The bridge

The Bridge is the name of the second level featured in Journey. It consists of a broken bridge, which the traveler (and companion, if present) must repair using cloth creatures.


The level begins with the Traveler exiting a tunnel and entering a large and open area. From here the player is given control back over the Traveler and is free to explore the area. In order to proceed, the player must repair the broken bridge using the long pieces of cloth that are stuck in parts of old Guardians. Once the bridge is completed and the player has reached the white stone, a cutscene plays that appear to show that the cloth creatures are used to generate energy. After the cutscene, the sandfall behind the stone is parted, allowing the player to proceed.




  • To earn the trophy "Threshold", one must cross the bridge without completely rebuilding it. The only feasible way to do this is in co-op with another traveller, both of you have the full six glowing symbols available by this point, and preferably one or both of you in white robes, having gained the Transcendence trophy from finding all 21 symbols previously. it is possible to do it alone, but you still require all six previous symbols and need to use the floating clothes to boost you up.

Both travellers must fly up to the first remaining platform in the bridge; a heavy chirp when part-way up will refill each player's flight energy. From there, once both scarves have been recharged, it is possible to fly across the gap between the remaining platforms in a similar fashion, chirping halfway across to ensure each traveller has enough flight energy.

It is also possible to gain this trophy while completing between one and three of the bridge's ribbons; this makes the process easier as each repaired section refills your scarf completely when you glide over it.


  • This is the first level where having a companion accompanying the player is possible. There are three glowing symbols and one glyph in the area.

Video Walkthrough

Journey PS4 Walkthrough Part 2- The Bridge

Journey PS4 Walkthrough Part 2- The Bridge

The Bridge walkthrough and symbol locations.