Trials is one of 14 trophies that the player can earn in the game, Journey. It is a bronze trophy, and is worth 10 points.
120px-Journey trophy Trials

The Trials trophy's image

Obtaining Trophy

This trophy can be earned by playing through the tunnels area without tearing your character's scarf. This is done by staying out of the Guardians' spotlights.

"Sneak through the underground passage without tearing your scarf."


A good method for obtaining this trophy is to stick to either side of the tunnels. You don't have to be near a wall, but stay off of the main "path" in the center. The most difficult part is the last room, which contains two patrolling Guardians. The trick to this room is to make your descent down the slope all at once, and to time your descent in such a way as to avoid hitting the spotlight until near the bottom of the slope. A good time to do this is right after the bottom Guardian has passed near the top of the slope and is returning to the bottom.